Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The wheel of fortune continues to spin in erratic circles

I. from Culiacan de Sinaloa. Reminds me of D's wife. How unlikely is it that a bouncy, bubbly, curly-haired girl from the Mexican coast would wind up riding shotgun in the `69 econoline on her way to college saying "Aw fuck, man, Queen is the shit. I tell you Queen is the shit. And tell no one this, but, I love Meatloaf. Bat of Hell. You like?" And I lean up to put on Paradise by the Dashboard Light. "I remember every little thing as if it happened only yesterday."

I tell you that it is as unlikely as playing dominos with a friend of I.`s who is reading Confederacy of Dunces, while living in his mother`s house and writing a philosophical treatise. What do I. and I talk about...mostly Roger Waters solo albums (I told you that Amused to Death was an important album) and why our past may or may not be important to our present.
A wise person told me on the Cabo beach that "whatever you have done in your life you deserve paradise."


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