Friday, January 1, 2010


1: Ask Courtney to dinner or whatever normal people do for first dates. If she's married I'll say, "Big deal. So am I."
2. Write more in 3rd person. Write in 3rd person until it is easy. (They say if you can't write then you teach,and if you can't teach then you write about yourself.)
3. Get a $2,500 J. Carruthers guitar CSA. Only $2,200 left to save!
4. No more porn. Seriously, I said this last year but the internet is completely overrun. Is every pretty 19 y/o on the planet giving $500 blowjobs on camera or is it my imagination? Are HIV tests the new condom? Is an interracial gangbang the new mini skirt? This is what I call: The Hannah Montana effect. Gotta get one of those P-chips on my computer. For my own good.
5. Go to a porn-free church. Evangelical??
6. Learn Spanish.
7. Get this fungus on my eye looked at.
8. No more worshiping Czech empresses.
9. Finish writing the Santa Cruz book.
10. Drive the van to Labrador/Newfoundland and save the wolves!
11. By popular demand, keep the blog rolling. Hell, I couldn't stop if I wanted to.

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