Thursday, July 5, 2012

Unpopular Science

I'm reading the latest Popular Science magazine, July 2012, and it pretty much confirms everything Thoreau, Schumacher, Great Spirit, Hippies have been saying for 200 years, which is the earth is a delicate balance and we ought not casually fuck with it in the name of streaming video. The magazine is Popular Science, not Mother Earth. How is the Heartland Institute going to spin that to their favor?

But it seems the science will always try to have the cake and eat it (and upload a video of us eating it and then make a wireless game app that has virtual people eating virtual cake...) There must be some balance between what we can have and what simply uses too many resources to have but right now the hedonism reigns supreme. I look at the Amish. Are they miserable people without smart phones or iPods? I talked to a guy who picked cotton to go to school in Texas. He said when the machines came they put the kids out of work. Today the same kid who would've picked cotton sells crystal meth. I really wonder what I'm missing when the models for sustainable living actually exist but are ignored and marginalized in favor of reality show celebrities with big tits and fake smiles who shill their dog sweaters on interactive whore videos.

Eventually, there has to be either a global meltdown or it will be unacceptable to use natural and human resources to produce a sweater for a dog with reality show accessory bullshit printed on it. This is repulsive to me and all who enable this sweater are also repulsive to me no less than if you fucked dead Buddhist nuns in your basement. It's a mockery of the dog and of the earth and humanity. Totally disgusting. I have more respect for a crack junkie but the American model respects and rewards this insanity. "I sold a $10 sweater for $550 on ebay," brags a slim amoral cunt in Forbes magazine. How? "With a cute model and snazzy urban copy." You dumb bitch, that sweater wasn't even worth $10 in 1986 when the Philippino refugee sewed it together! This model rings so totally false to my ears but it's 100% How The World Works. And step one in E.F. Shumacher's steps to sanity is to learn how the world works. Step 2 is to follow your conscience. Step 3 is to surrender yourself to God. I can only console myself that this is how the world will work for one blink of an eye before the model itself leads to the ultimate destruction.

So, are we going to defend to the death our right to sacrifice all coastal communities so that our dogs can be humiliated with ego bicep bulging chest pumping ape monkey fucker accessories? The answer seems to be, yes.

The entire edition of Popular Science is devoted to the #1 crisis of the day which is climate instability. They are a year behind my quest for the arctic wolf in articles highlighting northern animal plight. I've heard cock sucking hedge funders defend their 9 child families by saying all of humanity could fit in Florida. Well, have you been to parts of Florida that are underwater? Is that where we'll fit all the poor people? Huh? And the reason parts of Texas aren't populated is because a human can't live there. No, we haven't populated every possible spot on earth, but we're getting pretty damn close. And how about this comparison since we're trying to obfuscate the obvious...all the water on earth would fill a sphere 860 miles in diameter. The war between spin doctors is upon us.


Anonymous said...

Ask t. bone pickens, the oil magnate, what he is buying these days..... he will tell you water rights. the kind that you own under your house and land. but he will give you 30K for the right to own them and you can buy a brand new F-150. And in 20 years when clean water is an anomaly he will sell it back to you at 30K per year. Sucka bitch.
You did tell them you all ready worked on a ranch, right?
It is the kind of a job you need. I will come and help you take the door off the trailer to get another piano inside if you want. This time we will measure better and get the sawzall earlier.

Oggy Bleacher said...

Agreed. Old money Texans retained their surface and deep mineral rights and sold the land itself. That's some shit. Do you know if you own the land underneath your house? Most Texans only own the top foot of earth.

I tried to be honest with the rancher about my skills and mental stability. I do belong on a ranch or Island with under 20 population. I'll eat quail. Trade quail for beans. Chase hogs. But there's only one job up for grabs and you'd need a shit ton of broad work and survival skills to do it right. Feeding horses with Russ and dripping motor oil on wood fences so the nags don't eat them is a good start but I'm not sure it's enough.
I will have to put a piano in the bunkhouse because there is not an old age home within 150 miles.

Oggy Bleacher said...

when water rights become a serious issue then the only law anyone will be following is survival of the fittest. Neither Gun nor Grenade will force an armed American to die from thirst.

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