Monday, October 27, 2008


Don't Park Here
Police Will be notified!
License and Registration, please
Where Do You Live?

All Niggers out of town by noon.
nameless, faceless cowards wearing white suits.

Love it or leave it, say the cancer cells.

American's don't trust Americans.
Why should they?

These are the days of the goon squad
in black coats and flashing a badge of justice.
Poor is the new nigger.

We are monkeys run amok in the land of the fraud
our economy is in ruins
We are unwell, sick, desperate, paying off dinners we ate two years ago, driving with gas we don't own yet.

But the fraud hates an honest man, hates his face, hates his presence.

So the fliers are posted in the night, "Out by noon, nigger. Out! Out! Off My Street!"

These streets are filled with irritation, pain, loss, fear. Better to blame the man on the street than the crook in your heart.

The lights flash behind pull over, give the goon your paperwork, try not to look him in the eyes (goons hate honesty).
We want you out of town. Understand. Get off these streets.
You slip and ask,
"What did I do?"
The goon tosses your paperwork at you.
"DWP. Guilty!"
You were Driving While Poor.
In a land of false wealth, the honest poor must be criminals.
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