Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Back to Freezing

It took three weeks to determine the problem with the electric furnace and fix it and it took Joe 1 day to almost burn the house down. I restrung the elements with nickle plated coils and he turned the heat way up and then shut the breaker off to the fan...which I've told him does nothing to control the heating they burned and burned with no fan to cool them and melted like the snow cone from Oggy's face in Pierce Island 1982 summertime madness. This is like blowing out the pilot flame on a natural gas stove and then cranking up the temp. But naturally the coil is like a live wire and it drooped down to ground against the metal frame electrifying the whole furnace housing, shutting the fan down permanently as the dogs whimpered in electrostatic fear. I'll take a picture of the half dozen signs and notes I've arranged to warn him from touching the fan breaker and I'll also take a picture of those same memo notes torn down by him in a senile rage. He's used the breaker switch for so long that he is like a zombie who returns to the insanity. The last hope is a padlock on the door to the air handler cage and only I will have the key...and I feel that's already pushed beyond the limit of my responsibility. I have to lock him out of his own breaker box lest he burn the house down in an attempt to stay warm.

It's sad and desperate and there is no solution except chaining him down at night.

On an unrelated note, this song might be the most classic American folk song...It breaks my throbbing heart and my arthritic shoulder moans with misery at the honesty of it. But then I see the world through a pinhole in the sky that is shaped like my own ego. Sadly, I am 32 years too late to the country music scene as today's music concerns beer money, tight jean shorts on sluts, and finger fucking in the back of a Chevy truck. Decay like zombies brings a rain of ignorance on the blighted land.
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