Friday, August 12, 2011

Bad brakes

I didn't make it out of the parkinglot without dealing with my first two problems. One is my shoes which have lost all relevance in the world of shoes. My screws put in last fall having fallen out and the water pouring in freely.
The second was locked emergency brake after a month of leaving it engaged in the rain. foolish. This took some time to free and the problem probably isn't over yet. Will I ever get out of Mary's Harbour? The skipper said I should buy a house and wait for spring. What's stopping me? A need for master's degree in advanced jazz guitar from Madrid university? Or mexico city? Or Guatemala where my fabled utopian farm community awaits where cucumbers grow like wolf flowers in the desert?
Or is the problem that the government doesn't trust me in Canada or USA and I resent the decade long war for oil THAT DOES NOT AID OUR PROSPERITY BUT ENABLES OUR David fucking Mamet can drive in circles in Santa Monica feeling proud about his pathetic stageplays. For that we slaughter Iraqi peasants. Repulsive.
My feeling is that Steve Jobs is like Joseph Goebbels and anyone who disagrees is like those who thought Hitler was a benign leader in 1936. It's so obvious to me that the ecological holocaust is being sold to America like fruit loops enriched with 12 vitamins and minerals.
But I'm just a hippy fixing his van in the rain and bugs in a parking lot in Labrador. What do I know?

The sun also rises

The Labrador Straits folk festival begins today in L'anse Au Loup. I don't think it is a coincidence that the name means "cove of the wolf"
So that is where I'm going. If anyone knows about the arctic wolf then it will be the residents of L'anse Au Loup.
When I get time I will post my illustrated mishap with a rip saw. I didn't lose any fingers but it taught me some tough lessons about machinery.
Reminds me of the story about a guy who worked 40 years heavy equipment and then was called back after retirement and changed a water hose that was under pressure and took a fitting in the head and died. Fragile is thy head and body.
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