Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Summer Dinner

barbeque madness wilts local ego
blackened chile peppers a'la La Paz
After Arc Flash training we drank and swapped war stories.
An arc flash is an explosion of copper hotter than the surface of the sun

caused by human error
But the 107 degree surface of Oggy's face
isn't much colder.
like a barbeque of your mouth
lips swollen
throat parched
for energy to consuming fat data entry slaves
going to work
Oggy slithers to the roadrunner madness
arc flash fantasies
roast sweet chile peppers
peel skin
add soy sauce
recipe for the moody blues
 Oggy dreams of broken hearts in sandy visions
Vera Cruz illusions.
Mexican volcano dreams
lost innocence in driftwood fires
wilting in Texan heat for the love of guitars
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