Saturday, June 11, 2011

Gadget Repair

Departure is delayed until I repair my music console. In an effort to minimize the amount of copper and lithium that is released into the atmosphere I'm repairing a broken battery by soldering the ground wire back onto the battery control board. Cheap replacement batteries from China cause me more problems than they are worth and further the insane advance to doomsday. Eventually, this ipod will be hard wired into my van's 12v system. It will run off of energy created when I use my feet as brakes. The heat will be transferred to the power grid and excess will be sold to the coal company.


Fragments of batik fabric sewn by Chinese factory workers.
Threads of childhood extend into the present despite efforts to sever all connection
The dreams arrive in the broken slumber calling lovers to the bedside
The bearded prophet's shiny beard deflects the sun's rays.
Humanity is a mob mentality that pushes forward against all advice.
Wear your best vest for the tragic funeral. Bury the dead with leaves from a pile of Autumn
the pale make room for the tan.
The van rocks down the highway.
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