Friday, December 9, 2011

Peace Love Burgers

The old man treated me to some real food at Levi's Joint on Islington. They have 4 oz burgers and some damn good onion rings. I got the bleu Cheese with bacon because my heart isn't congested enough.

Hissing Cockroach

Dharma Bum

Long ago I started reading Kerouac and his enthusiasm really hypnotized me. He may have died young but he lived the whole time he was living. He was troubled, no doubt, but he decided to study his trouble. He also drank quite a bit and although I'm not as sober as a nun, I don't think that's my demon. If you want a good book to read, pick up The Dharma Bums. Japhy Ryder is the real life Gary Snyder who is still a force for good. Pick your allies carefully, is the message here, as they will be your role models and lead you places where all is revealed.
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