Friday, September 14, 2012

Pay Day

The boss handed me $50. I asked what it was for.
"Twenty five an hour. For the work on that ignition cylinder on the Chevy Cheyenne and the alternator on the narc car. And the work on my tow truck."
Three days ago I was fired by a job that paid $10 an hour.
"If I'd known I was getting paid I would've done a better job."
The boss laughed. He once ran a corporate factory service department and I am wearing a pirate headband and my name tag is a punchpin embroidery patch that says "Econoline".

Let it Be

IN this chapter Oggy determines mankind must run its course. An apocalyptic holy war is on the horizon and the only trace of civilization will be Capri Sun pouches and gold teeth from rap musicians. Our folly will be the God's entertainment and our greasy knuckles will not appease the lords of virtue. Take an ounce of deprivation and add a cup of ego and you get the mad designs of men. Joseph Knetch investigated his society's ultimate activity and found it to be basically flawless except that with in the context of the world, it had little impact, so he assigned himself the role of ambassador to the outside world. Oggy has investigated his society and found it haphazard and mostly a base manipulation of ideals, more crooked than a bar room pool cue. The flock is tugged in one direction then another.
This black sheep is a mechanic now.
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