Monday, July 22, 2013


The exhausting hunt lead me here.
Not as important as NSA secrets, but this leaking window caused me so much grief. It's right over my bed, and the water would actually pour on my back as I drove. I replaced the sealant, my attitude, drilled holes, made a shrine to Shiva, everything but the rain still poured in. But I looked for the leak last time there was a tornado and I think it was the very edge of the glass. We'll find out when it rains for 40 days and nights soon.
These might be the worst designed windows ever.

Round The Bend

"Perhaps the road has a curve in it. Perhaps it is necessary to go round the bend a little before you can see clearly to the end."
Here are some more words that aren't my own. Mainly because if you can't improve on something then it's prudent to plagiarizer.

"I inspect some of the work you do upon these engines and these aeroplanes," Connie said. "God, the All-Seeing and All-Knowing, He inspects it all.....With every piece of work you do, with every nut you tighten down, with every filter that you clean or every tappet that you set, pause at each stage and turn to Mecca, and fold your hands, and humbly ask the All-Seeing God to put into your heart the knowledge of whether the work that you have done has been good or ill." - Connie Shak Lin
 Round The Bend by Nevil Shute
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