Saturday, September 8, 2012

Stockholder Mentality vs Social Equity

I've reached the conclusion that the fundamental problem with society is the Stockholder Mentality, which is the opposite of Social Equity. Gandhi is no longer the crowned king of philanthropy. No, the social activist award has to be given to Sir Wilfred Grenfell of Labrador via England. His work was done on the behalf of god and the only profit he earned was the ability to live in a thriving healthy society. If you think that is not enough profit then you are a fucking asshole who probably owns Apple stock. I'm not done investigating the source of this poisonous mental delusion that would make someone invest in a company with the sole aim of benefiting financially. It's childish and fucked up and selfish and pathetic. That our whole country's economic system is basically one of rampant exploitation in order to better reward a handful of stockholders is proof that something is terribly wrong. 1940 America was absolutely no different than today. Proportionately there is the same amount of poverty and working class poor. If you say that the standard of living is better it's probably because your standard of living is primarily provided for by strangers working their asses off in fields that you will never see doing work that you'll never appreciate. The demand of procreating has led to an abundance of labor that lowers wages. It's simple math to see that not everyone can own their own electrical repair business and not everyone can be an electrical repair man. The pizza price war in NY goes on everywhere with plumbers underbidding each other until death.

Narc Car

Bitter irony, homeless man replacing an alternator on a police interceptor.

This job sucked. I reek of human shit right now.

Bringing back the '70s!

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