Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Girls Generation

I've been listening to a lot of K-Pop because I don't think I'm perverse enough. The girl's shirt reads, "Another label, another boy" which is exactly how I feel lately...
 I dare you to turn it off.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Bellbottom Cowboy

There's been a load of compromising...on the road to my horizon
I'm like a long line of compromising hypocrites before me who ends up leaving behind an adventurous way of life for steady money. But I'm also curious and really the path of the contrarian had grown dry and predictable. I was given a rare glimpse into my future last year and I saw no point in continuing on that path. The Borg assimilates everyone and it's even worse if you resist. It's not futile because it's possible and maybe you'd rather etch your own obituary with the chisels of your pride, but like Winston learned in 1984, Big Brother is on your side. He loves you. 2+2=5 because it's a test of your devotion. The boot that stomps your face is benevolent. If you have nothing to hide then you shouldn't be offended by complete lack of privacy. Give me my bellbottom pants and my cowboy hat and take all the other shit.

Friday, April 26, 2013

One more paycheck...

This is the legend I've been chasing for 5 years


All that was required for me to be a good employee was the financial security to pay no attention to any politics or threat of being fired and simply attempt to dedicate my complete will power and skill set to the company, regardless of what people think. Previously, my need to bite my tongue at the idiocy of management was basically because I couldn't afford to lose the job. Now that I'm in the golden hours of single paychecks that eclipse whole years in the past if I see something that irks me then I attempt to fix it. I don't care who is to blame and I don't care if I'm fired or not. All that matters is that I create the company that I want to stay employed by.
There's a socialist reform lesson somewhere in there but I'm not in the mood to explain it. Gotta take a dump and a shower and go get some rotisserie chicken at Stripes. And there's a Portlandia marathon later today. No complaints here. That J Carruthers guitar is almost within reach.

People say the test question to be an employee here is, "How do you build a table if they give you a hammer and no nails?"
I have heard many replies. What is yours?

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Oggy Has A Dream

One day people will say of me,
"He was radicalized by Henry David Thoreau and Pink Floyd."

When I read that these dickwad marathon bombers had been "radicalized on the internet" I really was repulsed. What the fuck does that even mean? Radicalized on the internet? So, you basically watched a video and swallowed the hook, line, sinker and the boat too? Damn. That's some gullible bullshit. Or some good propaganda. Maybe a bit of both. I guess Bill O'Reilly isn't so bad if Viagra pays him to merely fart seditious insults. It's really a dark day when the internet serves as the number 1 form of socializing radicals or radicalizing socialists. Someone told them (not them specifically but in general) that it was a good idea to bomb the city where they lived. And they agreed. The sum of their ethical debate on this topic/decision was what exactly? Vollmann writes about moral algebra and I'm sure these twats did some ethical algebra. But I'd like to know what that entailed because I'm certain they left some quotients out. If it involved a heaven full of virgins then they are assholes.

Shit, can't people be radicalized by Emily Dickinson? Or Robert Frost? No, they have to pick the most radical fundamental psycho assholes in the universe and their crooked thinking manages to include a holy war...but not so holy that death is a natural consequence. No, they seemed to think this was something they might get away with...cause there is so much evidence the Government is pretty casual when it comes to Terrorist attacks.

"They'll let us slide, bro," one said to the other.
"Totally. It's not like we're bombing New York."

Man this is pretty troubling that logic can cave in completely on one side yet still allow someone to be interested in self preservation. Stupid stupid stupid. And lazy. Like they bought a "Jihad in a Box" kit from the back of a Muslim comic book. "Guaranteed to work or money back" Awful, even modern terrorists are pathetic and cowardly and cheap willed.

I don't want to read anything more about this topic. I really don't.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Review: Human Target 4: aka In The Valley of The Teen Dolls aka: Teen Cleavage. 1971. A Lost Gem by Russ Meyer

When Russ Meyer set out to make the sequel to Beyond the Valley of the Dolls, which was a sequel to The Valley of The Dolls, the idea was capitalize on the "cleavage craze" of 1971. But all did not go as planned, as was the norm for Meyer's productions. Beset by problems from the start such as studio interference, budgetary cuts, incompetent and stoned production designers, general social unrest in America, a rumored spat with a transsexual lover, cloaked death threats from Roger Ebert (for refusing to use him as screenwriter again) and an order from President Nixon to cease filming, Meyer still prevailed in the end to make another sublime (and profitable) addition to his Valley saga, a land where porn is on the lips and cleavage of every hard-on speed freak with over-lit facial tones and stilted dialogue. How was he able to accomplish this? By calling on the talents and influence of Bob Hope, who by that time was known throughout Hollywood as a long-cocked swinger under his club name "Bugger Man".

 Bob Hope personally funded the film that had the working title "Teen Cleavage" in exchange for sexual dibs on all the cast. Meyer was so accustomed to these kinds of requests that he immediately agreed. Rumors from the production implicate Hope in various sexually deviant crimes that he was never successfully prosecuted for.

The screenplay was written by Meyer himself in a single night as shooting was scheduled to begin the next morning in Bob Hope's Palm Springs love shack. Naturally, the story was fragmented and incoherent but to see the Meyer magic work is one of life's great pleasures.

Earth Day? No. It's Oggy Day.

This is the first Earth Day that I celebrated by going into a blast furnace on a well head site and drinking 18 plastic bottles of self-serving water, driving hundreds of miles, and even cooking hamburgers on the grill and running the air conditioning non stop so I'm not uncomfortable for a moment. Hydro-fracturing is the new beach clean up.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blue Moon

Something happened this evening that hasn't happened in ages: I stumbled on a blog that is genuinely entertaining.

It all started when I was going to write a request to Ricky Gervais to produce and act in a Benny Hill biopic (an attempt to be lighthearted after too much raw emotion). I loved watching Benny Hill when I was a kid. It was the closest to porn I was allowed to watch until I finally landed a job at Weinberg's print warehouse where all the Hustler returns ended up for shredding. I confess quite a few Hustler and Leg Show mags never got shredded. Benny Hill's show was so twisted that I figure his life was also twisted. Why not celebrate it?

Anyway, aside from both being British Comedians and looking alike and having the same cheeky humor, the two guys have nothing in common.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Grand Opening of Supermarket Ruined by Work

Sources confirmed that the festive atmosphere surrounding the Grand Opening of the new H.E.B. grocery store in Alamo Springs, Texas was ruined for H.E.B. employee Juan Ramirez, 16, because it coincided with his first day of work at the newly opened store.

"Normally, I'd totally be enjoying this: the streamers and balloons, the music, the people, the free snacks," said Ramirez as he feverishly stocked peaches on a rack. "But I have to admit it completely sucks on this side of the ball. My shoulders are on fire right now."

After directing a shopper to the aisle containing chips Ramirez continued, "Yesterday at this time I was just waking up, looking out at the blue sky, wondering what I would do, which friends I'd call. Now," said Juan gesturing disdainfully at the peaches, "I don't even know why people bother living. This sucks. Work sucks. Life sucks."

America: Taking The Good And The Bad For 237 Years

I want to express my opinions on this whole nightmare that took place in Boston and WILL CONTINUE FOR ETERNITY. I'm knuckles deep in Rod Pump Controls and PLCs and SCADA and even a high tension coil for my van that all have me thinking the C4 transmission rebuild was like a child's swing set...

"Remote Automation Solutions’ FF Interface provides an integrated
power, processor, and communications platform on one module that
inserts into a ROC800 Series 2 I/O backplane. With up to four FF I/O
modules inserted in the same backplane, the Interface becomes a
communication and management tool, handling up to 64 fieldbus

Slow down, Hoss, Oggy was enjoying Hermann Hesse a few nights ago and now you want him to interface with what? Go check out Schneider Electric and you'll see I'm rubbing elbows with the elite of global production...Hesse couldn't be further from my priorities. I tell myself this is deep research into modern technology to balance out the deep research I did into reclusive sociopathology.

Friday, April 19, 2013


If my mission is to learn as much as possible about the world, to study broadly if not deeply, then the oil field is a good place for me. Programmable Logic Controllers are the new monitoring devices installed to measure flow and pressure and temperature. Computer Savvy folks like the person I pretended to be at the interview are given the task of installing and maintaining these devices. But as long as I accept no conservative measures will save humanity from our fate then the details of PLC and SCADA and pressure and flow are more trivia to gnaw on as though life were a giant video game. I wonder how this was accomplished 30 years ago but it makes no difference. Certain methods are better buried with the dinosaurs. Oil men have short memories and move ever forward.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Hats Off For Boston

Worn But Never Beaten

Last Picture Show

Spinach Festival

It's not the smallest town in Texas but it's small. Crystal City is between La Pryor (even smaller) and Carrizo Springs (not much bigger)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Accident Investigation

Maybe I should go into the investigation of oil field electrocution accidents. I read a story about one where a guy turned off a light generator. The torque crew yelled, "Hey, we're using that power." so he turns it back on and is immediately hit with 480V and isn't killed but his heart got microwaved.


It all traced back to the equipment yard where forklift operators were lifting the lighting rig by the boom and not using the lift brackets. The forklift arms wore out the insulation on the wiring harness, the bare wire touched the lighting pole and became a ticking bomb for whoever turned the lights on and off again. Solution: inspect all the lighting poles from that yard and remove from service 12 of them with similar damage. Fire the $9/hr forklift jockey operator. Retrain the new guys.

Summary: I'm doomed if I work in the oil field.


I'm troubled by the news from Boston. The heroics of innocent bystanders and the victimization of children moved me emotionally so maybe I'm not completely disillusioned with humanity. My condolences are sort of redundant and self serving but I offer them anyway. Several mass killings this past year hardly got my attention. Even Hurricane Sandy, which displaced tens of thousands became a piece of selfish ammunition in my climate change propaganda arsenal. I don't know if I identified with anyone or empathized with any victims. Remember the Newton school shooting? That happened right around the time my career got cut short in the oil field and I was nearly crippled by pain of accumulated trauma. I didn't want to dwell on a tragedy that had no closure...no easily explained motive or plan, no satisfying cause and effect, preferring to mourn my own self image.*

My initial reaction is to either look too closely at a mysteriously awful event or not look close enough. It's almost like poisonous Media addiction has created pundits of everyone...but it's all a defense mechanism for associated social problems we are afraid to confront. Stop reading here if you want to grieve.

Monday, April 15, 2013


The Island Republic of Labrador

I don't want to make the same mistakes of the past, saving money for an implausible adventure, grinding my teeth on the reins of insanity, chasing shadows across the tundra, realizing my checking account is under review for negative balance and then eating cold ramen noodles in a junk yard parking lot while defending my mockery and dreaming of a piano. If I look back into my life with the perfect vision of a crippled man I think the goal was to have something to write about, to meet people, work a variety of jobs, try to assemble a universal perspective, a noble world view that would enrich my writing with authentic experience...and alienate everyone.

Sunday, April 14, 2013


Salvation comes in the form of bulletproof vests
warrant check on hobos
drinking in park
less than 24 hours after making my shoe sheath
a lieutenant pulls the knife out
Or maybe I'm too drunk to notice
And keeps it safe
While warrants are cross referenced
"Bleacher, Oggy. State of Fuckwad...Warrants?"

And this is how it should be...with
Electricians who have lost their hands in bar fights
and bull riders on toothless bicycles
April becomes the cruelest month
The month of Oggy's demise
The sad end to his affairs
Struggling for guitars and fingers in a Pina Jarritos flavor
Of the month.
Public Intoxication.
Open Container.
Unregistered Moped.
Yankee in a strange republic.
"He's a concert pianist,"
Says Cow Milk pointing at Oggy.
Attitudes and dark glasses.
My Chinese Timber Wolf knife taken by police.
But they left me my shoe sheath
"It looks like an old boxing glove,"
Says the Lieutenant.
And Oggy has a chance to go down in a blaze of glory
Make front page news for two seconds.
But he's a Coward and says, "It was a shoe."

Wasted Land

Wasted Land

April be not the cruelest month**
With birds in angry repose
Squawking over seeds casually thrown
By gentle men with senile minds
Young men watching whores on the tracks
With knives in aging knees...

No, cruel is June, the dog heat of July
The police brutality of August.
Makes a homeless man dream of April
And the first signs of Spring fashion
In the panty boutiques on the boulevard
Where vain oil wives go to spend commercial wages
Before the horse flies return with vengeance undefined.

Saturday, April 13, 2013


1. Start with a worn out leather shoe. 2. Trim to fit knife.
3. Lace with hemp. 4. Stab leg with knife. Repeat.
 What more can I do? The living history folks of San Antonio inspired me to make a sheath for the knife that was collateral for long ago forgotten loan. It's a Chinese Timber Wolf knife, "stainless", so I'm keeping it. Now I can wear it on my hip in my cool shoe sheath because no one in Texas will make fun of that.

Bedtime Reading: Bleacher and Klein and Wagner

I ought to only read technical manuals at night but the duality of my psychotic complexities demands appeasement on all levels.

"For him, behind every feeling and thought was the sense of the open door leading into nothingness. To be sure, he suffered from dread of many things, of madness, the police, insomnia, and also dread of death. But everything he dreaded he likewise desired and longed for at the same time. He was full of burning curiosity about suffering, destruction, persecution, madness, and death." - Klein and Wagner by Hermann Hesse 1920*

Plan Ahead

I'm trying to take care of the one thing that can take me far away from all of this...

1969 FORD E-200 ECONOLINE 5.0L 302cid V8
Ignition : Ignition Coil
STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS Part # FD471 {#0297005750, 0297040340, 0854269800, 116426507900, 12131359637, 12309048, 12309050, 12337503, 19106489, 1972277, 2243309F00, 2243311M40, 2243353A10, 22433N8700, 22433N8710, 22433R2400, 22448V5410, 22448W0560, 22448W0570, 2246211M40, 30500SA5900, 3341071C10, 3341082010, 36384113, 383444, 383449, 429888000, 510897, 60744199, 61ASS, 711M12024AB, 71HM12024AA, 7700552370, 7700562370, 7700699324, 8941163310, 8942309951, 8942359970, 8942386040, 9091902071, 96069397, B6A12029B, C3TF12029A, C3TZ12029A, D0PF12029B, D3AF12029A, D4AF12029AA, D4AZ12029A, D5PE12029AA, D5PZ12029A, D5TE12029AB, D8PJ12029AA, DG313, DG313A, DG313ADP, DG32, DG5DP, DGE44, DGE45, DGE45A, DJE44, E5A118100, E8PF12029AA, E8TF12029BA, F500, F500Z, F501, F501Z, F80118100, F80218100, F85018100, FAC12029A, MD013780, T0552370, T0562370, T0569597, T0669324, T1348252, U521} B
$26.79 $26.79
Ignition : Spark Plug
AUTOLITE Part # 124 {#AP124} Resistor
OE Style; Gap .030
+ Sold in packs of 4; Price reflects cost of each individual item, not the pack
$1.07 $8.56
Fuel/Air : Fuel Pump
w/ 5/16" Fuel Inlet
Would you also like to replace your fuel filter?
$15.45 $15.45
Transmission-Automatic : Filter
ATP Part # JX150 Universal
In-Line Filter Kit; Plastic Body with 5/16 inch double barbs; Automatic trans.
$15.06 $15.06
Fuel/Air : Air Cleaner Gasket
FEL-PRO Part # 60032 B
$1.53 $1.53
Engine : Oil Pan Gasket
FEL-PRO Part # OS13260C Set
Multi-piece; Cork
$9.14 $9.14
Drivetrain : Universal Joint
MOOG/PRECISION Part # 369 1.063 Cap Diameter, 3.218 Outside to Outside the Cap. U Joint - Premium
Premium; w/3 Joint Shaft; w/1-1/16" O.D. Bearings; At Transmission
Premium; w/3 Joint Shaft; w/1-1/16" O.D. Bearings; at Center Bearing
Premium; w/2 Joint Shaft; w/1-1/16" O.D. Bearings; at Rear Axle
Premium; w/3 Joint Shaft; w/1-1/16" O.D. Bearings; at Rear Axle
Premium; w/2 Joint Shaft; w/1-1/16" O.D. Bearings; At Transmission
$8.06 $24.18
Ignition : Ignition Breaker Points
$2.11 $2.11
Ignition : Condenser
$1.74 $1.74
Electrical : Voltage Regulator
KEMPARTS Part # KVR202BX [Wholesaler Closeout -- 30 Day Warranty] (Only 19 Remaining)
New Alternator Regulator
$6.05 $6.05
Ignition : Spark Plug Wire
BWD/NIEHOFF Part # CH815 Premium Wire Set - Select [Wholesaler Closeout -- 30 Day Warranty] (Only 17 Remaining)
Tailor Magnetic Core Wires - w/STRAIGHT PLUG BOOT
Do you also need a Spark Plug Boot Pliers?
$7.50 $7.50

Friday, April 12, 2013

Resistor Bands


That's my mnemonic for remembering the banded color code on a resistor. Can you think of a better one?

Ain't Misbehaving

This isn't entirely true. I've been misbehaving and disloyal and hypocritical and I can't touch my toes or do yoga and my diet is bad.

Thursday, April 11, 2013


I've been all over the map lately because Cow Milk Blues is a crippled alcoholic and every other person in town is a rancher and gun enthusiast*.
Either I learn to shoot assault rifles at wild hogs or I gravitate toward the only other person who sees the library as something more than a bathroom. But to converse with Cow Milk means drinking at least 48 ounces of 8% which does deaden the senses and makes me forget the desperate past I've lived and the uncertain future, but brings out Bleacher booze demons that should be left locked up.

Bend Over

A moment of truth approaches...I had my pre-employment comprehensive physical yesterday and have reason to believe I will be red flagged for life. The scars of childhood never fully dissolve and the doctors were horrified at what they found when I tried to bend over. "Worst I've ever seen" was the kind of thing I heard a lot. One too many back bending tackles when I was a teen cost me everything.*

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

ExxonMobil Cries Like Baby With Lost Snowcone

Waaaaaah! Fucking ExxonMobil really is doing everything in their power to appear like the victims this last week. Like they were walking around a bar with a red baboon ass and their panties around the ankles and now are pissed they got raped by a dozen drunk hillbillies. Fuck them. First they did absolutely nothing wrong but their pipeline flooded a neighborhood in Arkansas. IT'S NOT A BIG DEAL! Go buy some adult diapers at Walmart and soak it up!

Low Opinion of Humanity Gets Lower

Comments regarding the story on former VP Cheney warning of North Korea:

They wasted a perfectly good heart on this guy.
April 10, 2013 05:33 pm at 5:33 pm |
Its always fun to read Libs comments following stories about VP Cheney. Its an excellent glimpse into Orwell's "two minute hate" in 1984. Cheney is their Emmanual Goldstein, whom they attack with all the frothing and foaming of fits of madness.
April 10, 2013 05:44 pm at 5:44 pm |
Edward Wilkins
Reading these comments on here...I can see why we as a species are going to fail. The fact that we even entertain this war mongering, war profiteering piece of "doo doo" is exceptionally psychotic.
...I am tired. The few that actually take the time to agree speak of feeling the same way...we are tired of the games and the lies. Spewed by the politicians and repeated by every wannabe political pundit.
April 10, 2013 05:41 pm at 5:41 pm |

Don't Feed The Piano Player

My music teachers never taught me how to deal with this scenario.
I was having enough trouble playing the 70 year old jazz song without also having to catch cookies in my mouth at the same time. And they had an Easter Basket for me too but I was too busy with the Transmission to get it. So they saved it for me and fed me once chocolate at a time while I played Frank Sinatra.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Another way of saying it

Cow Milk Blues dropped by for a visit and a musical discussion ensued that led from Linda Ronstadt's Heart Like a Wheel album as an example of a session band that was too perfect...to Little Feat (founder wrote the song Willin') which was a better approach to bar music...to Frank Zappa who worked with the Little Feat founder)...and then to Captain Beefheart (who worked with Zappa) who should be known only to old hippies and artistic type snobs. Beefheart was an interesting cat and the part that I liked most is how he would try to describe how he wanted the music to be played... 

"Play it like a bat being dragged out of oil and it's trying to survive, but it's dying from asphyxiation."

I don't think the Italians have a single phrase like Legato or Pianissimo that would cover such a dynamic. It reminds me of Brian Wilson trying to describe to the studio musicians in his attempt to record Smile. "Play it [a trombone] like a rain drop on a Sunday morning." Not long after that he lost his marbles and the album got shelved for three decades.

Raise a glass to the artists of the world because busted pipelines in Walmart-istan are never in their agendas.

Monday, April 8, 2013

High Acid Levels

It took two queens and several mulligans but I beat level 5.

Where Was I?

It looks intimidating because it is like a Mozart Symphony...

I feel like I've neglected my diary but these past two weeks have been non-stop chaos. It didn't help that I lost my internet plan and the library wireless broke so I was forced to go to McDonalds at Walmart and blog in the rain with my computer on a newspaper machine.* This must be how people tolerate the loneliness of infinity...by filling their hours with tedium and trial, training dogs or kids, flogging their egos, scraping together a filtered self respect...diverting their attention from the approaching maw of dirt and ash. I haven't spent a minute pondering the universe or making imaginary love to my Mexican dream woman...fortunately someone else is picking up the slack.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Bright Side of The Road

Classic coordination of universal memes. My buddy Cow Milk Blues whom I've mentioned in previous posts helped me with the transmission and I finally got that thing running again, a full overhaul of a C4 cruise-o-matic transmission in 5 days, and we go back to drink some beers and talk about ex-wives and I ask him if he's on the internet and he has no idea what I'm talking about, spent his whole life looking for exposure and he's not on the internet. And I casually say, why don't we make a video.
"Right now?"
"Well, it's complicated, but if you sing your heart out then I'll do the rest."
And I'm doing this because I want to play music and Cow Milk Blues is a Renaissance Man like me and he deserves good things.
And I've never played the song he picks but it is perfect for the fact my van has had the transmission in my fingers and is now rolling through Uvalde like a wide-assed Mexican woman. This is the year Oggy surrendered in his war with the world and the other side of the street is fake and poisoned with processed food but it's bright like a diamond in the teeth of a lost lover.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Mcdonalds Nightmare

Really? If you eat at McDonalds you are forced to watch Fox News marathon of Murdoch-Think garbage while throwing junk in your mouth? Wow. We are so mentally crippled.  When I mysteriously vanish from this country I want you all to go to McDonalds and eat for one hour...your colon will spasm and your brain will convulse...then there will be no mystery. FUCKING DOOMED is the kind of civilization that allows this. There are limits to the disgusting poison that should be freely dispersed. I think the ACLU is going to be the cause of a total flood of conservative legislation that will be ten times worse than the minor censorship that would've taken place had they just stayed out of it. They protected Hustler and in return we got Fox News that is complete propaganda. I would rather be treated like a criminal because I bought a magazine with naked women and know that my country understands the danger of force-feeding total trash in the form of News. But now I have both and we aren't better for it. We aren't freedom loving. We aren't progressive. We're docile mental retards who are steadily losing our instinct for self preservation.

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

comfortably numb

I'm right on the edge of wishing I could pay someone to finish this project for me. The level of complexity and the location that I'm doing this makes building Apple computers in your garage seem like a dream situation. It's like playing the game "operation" for 10 consecutive hours and if you make a tiny mistake and drop any of the 100 springs and check balls then it's game over.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Transmission C4 Rebuild

The transmission has been progressively failing on the van. I estimate it's been getting worse for one year. I postponed this for as long as I could but I actually do want to learn how to do this and now is the time. I've fixed the Ciao and my old iPod this week so I think I'm ready. No job, no stress. It's my #1 priority.  Also, I was rebuilding the Jawa moped in order to earn the moral credit to use the lift at the shop and I managed to get that running though it had 7 years of dust on it. I'm almost a full time employee there but I didn't want to impose so I spent every day with my fingers in East European moped grease. I didn't 100% finish that moped but I got far enough that when it came time for me to say, "I need a lift, the tranny parts are here." I got a friendly nod and heard, "Anytime you're ready." and he said it as one mechanic to another offering me the use of all the tools and expertise in pursuit of fixed vehicles.

Homeless Gypsies won't have this problem

no more piano for Oggy
I'm typing this with one hand after a slight mishap at the oil refinery

It's highly dangerous and a bit unpredictable. I'm really pondering my decision because messing with mopeds and playing piano for the old folks across the street didn't pay very good but one moment of dreamy illusion I lapsed into and danced an imaginary slow waltz with an Aztec beauty and in that moment I stepped on a grounded strip of metal while holding a live wire...and that dream became a lightning bolt of electricity in my deep fried brain...

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