Monday, April 8, 2013

Where Was I?

It looks intimidating because it is like a Mozart Symphony...

I feel like I've neglected my diary but these past two weeks have been non-stop chaos. It didn't help that I lost my internet plan and the library wireless broke so I was forced to go to McDonalds at Walmart and blog in the rain with my computer on a newspaper machine.* This must be how people tolerate the loneliness of filling their hours with tedium and trial, training dogs or kids, flogging their egos, scraping together a filtered self respect...diverting their attention from the approaching maw of dirt and ash. I haven't spent a minute pondering the universe or making imaginary love to my Mexican dream woman...fortunately someone else is picking up the slack.

...not one extra note
As I expected, this was my last opportunity to give my transmission my full attention before more work begins in the hydro-fracturing field. (Imagine a summer camp for 40 year old electricians...working in a 110 degree wasteland for 12 hours, and going back to a dirty hotel with a case of beer and a per diem that would make you cry, banking fistfuls of cash that will buy a beautiful headstone) I once resented a drug test but the only thing I didn't like about the one I took a few days ago (other than interrupting my transmission expedition) was the fact the front bearing on my moped flopped around and all the bearings fell out so I had to rebuild it next to my transmission that I was also rebuilding. It was getting a little bit out of control but one can only move forward with one operation at a time. If it's a success, like my front bearing, then I can move on to the transmission again. But I needed the moped to get back and forth to the transmission or else start living in van at a garage like I did in Corpus.

Times must change and Oggy can no longer keep his finger in the dyke that has burst with a flood of poisonous cultural artifacts. My self sacrifice was not only unrecognized but mostly resented and scorned. That's the nature of stupidity on both sides of the fence. Thank the stars that I'm not a bit pathological because I would mercilessly lay waste to the land in ways Murdoch and Trump can't imagine. Now I'm content to watch others do it because I don't have much to worry about since I'm a survivor without progeny. Bring on the Zombie Apocalypse! Let's devour the world like dragons. The propaganda wars won by virtue of ignorance and apathy and obesity. Congratulations...parents surrendered their kids at 4 years old and were returned soldiers and sugar junkies; Stalin was right. The Greatest Generation pimped their own children out to Eisenhower hysteria and then sweated their swollen colons as clogged veins replicated the IRS squeeze. We got the country we deserve. My immediate Anti-Communist goals are to exploit the blind environmenmental landscape until I have my custom guitar and a replacement knee and bandaids for my ego and slip into an anonymous Mexican village where I can fund a water treatment plant and grow old with chickens pecking at my scattered past...and rent the occasional teenage crank whore for entertainment.

Cow Milk Blues and Red The Puerto Rican who grabbed my chest hair relaxing on the porch
Driving around in a van that I recently rebuilt the transmission is a completely different experience, like fucking a woman you love rather than some frail fag who picked you up at a dirty cantina. I'm totally empowered and now visualize the sequence of events within the torque converter and the valve body and the passages and the servo piston and the clutch packs. The mystery of 1966 technology has been solved. The endless pursuit of innovation has basically made us all ignoramuses and that's the complexity that Thoreau warned against. Simplicity is subjective...but we all must make an effort to understand the nature of our lives and as the industrial era began Thoreau recognized "designed ignorance" as both something fearful and loathsome...a nation of people without a hint of a clue how they get from Point A to Point B. It turns out it's not necessary for a civilization to prosper but we reap what we sow and the seeds of ignorance will sprout deadly roots of moral confusion. I'll rebuild that transmission until the end of time...simply because I can.

* I renewed my painfully slow T-mobile internet plan so I'll be blogging hard until I go to crimp double-ought lugs for grounding lightning rods in the middle of the eagle ford.


Anonymous said...

Now I am seeing goals. Wow what a turn around. Mexico, water treatment, crank whores. Sweet, brother. Now get out there and promote the pollution of our water sources.
(did you see the movie about hydro fracting? Gasland)


Oggy Bleacher said...

I saw the tall tale known as Gasland that was privately funded by Communist elements who infiltrated the Left Wing scum. Look at Gasland Debunked and you will learn the truth that Natural Gas is harmless, creates jobs for hardworking families and feeds cute American puppies, provides energy for a growing American economy and is worth Billions in liberating American workers and struggling families from the grips of war torn dirty oil in the middle east. If you oppose hydro-fracking then you are not American...get the fuck out of America and go to Kenya where they cook with wood you backwards monkey motherfucker! And to believe the Gasland propaganda that was manufactured like a Hollywood film only highlights your naivete. Natural Gas is the future, it's clean and it is an essential component to the energy demands of America.

Introverted Observer said...

Though you haven't been pondering the universe, I greatly appreciate your thoughts on society. It's refreshing to see someone willing to relay, with unbridled truth, the state of the world around us. If only people realized the true detriment their ignorance causes... I'd love to witness that occur. Well anyways, I'm glad the thoughts I've been producing has managed to entertain your mind.

Ramble on.

Oggy Bleacher said...

IO, don't think less of me for joining the enemy. My environmental advocacy was a crown of thorns I don't want to wear anymore. The public has chosen soap on a rope ethics over polar bears and nothing will stop the coming apocalypse. Atlas Shrugged and Oggy Sold Out and it will make no difference at all.

Introverted Observer said...

Makes perfect sense to me. Fighting a battle with the odds stacked against you can be tiring. Sometimes, the best thing to do is to give up the fight. Many times I like to think that my ideas could change something in the world, but, in the end, the earth keeps turning and I'm just one small whisper surrounded by a sea of shouting people. As much as we try to fight, we cannot stop the inevitable. I respect you for so willingly grasping the reality of the situation in which we all live. As much as we'd like to change something, I think it's just an uphill battle, which I don't think we can ever truly win.

Oggy Bleacher said...

Life is a long Rorschach test. The Torah says "We see the world not as it is but as we are." Therapists say the best way to change is to paradoxically accept who you are. Maybe the only way to win is to surrender...but that doesn't mean I accept Fox News as reality. I accept the reality that Fox News is poison and the nation has drunk the cool aid. That would make Rupert Murdoch the modern Jim Jones on a biblical scale. 350 million suicidal lunatics eating Big Macs and listening to talking heads vomit propaganda in technicolor.

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