Friday, October 4, 2013

Piano POV

This digital direction isn't my bliss but I don't have a good alternative. I thought I had the equipment to make this work but my laptop computer with 32 bit and 4 gigs of ram is the basement of audio this m-audio MIDI controller has pushed the limits of my computer like Oggy climbing Chocorua mountain with half a vegetarian sandwich in his belly. The latency issue is brutal and I've only begun to dig into the audio card solutions...when the only good solution is to get a better computer with a good audio card.
I don't even want to play silly games like this but I got hooked because I have high ADHD and low self esteem.
I'm brainstorming how I would carry around a stage piano in my van and run it off my power inverter and play on sidewalks in Belize. and also have MIDI capability to create fake books. Acoustic pianos are so much more simple.
For now I have a 49 keystudio midi controller and synthesia piano game. I managed to synch it all up with my notation software which is my only goal. This computer can never act as a synthesizer.
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