Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Earth Day

Dentist visit is done for the next half a year and I'm ready to save the planet.
Goals for earth day gleaned from the inspirational messages on the ceiling of the dentist office:
Plan to have a good day
Expect a good day.
Imagine what a good day would be like and make it come true.

So far it's been good. I'm wearing some new $2 pants, got some money for keeping the dog alive, played some good tennis and even flirted with a girl on her lunch break playing tennis.

The car is getting serviced and I've got a lead on a nude modeling gig in upstate NH. It involves a violin but it pays good money and I need to pay off the debts I just built up getting my teeth cleaned. The dentist talked me into a tooth bleaching service because I am a vain and shallow person.

I'm imagining myself writing good punchlines.
I rode my bicycle today in recognition of Earth Day. What did you do? Smoking pot doesn't count.
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