Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Rocky Road

The road less traveled.

Person Of Interest

Fucking ponderous. I feel I caused this latest shit storm of law enforcement assault by simply brewing my resentment all day yesterday. I kept trying to write my own obituary to use after I am executed by a Sheriff and it was so damn disappointing that I was going to be executed by a state employee before any charges were filed. Fucking ponderous. And I started to think that there are 30 states (Texas isn't one of them) where the death penalty has been abolished, which means you can slaughter a family of 5, take video of it, post the video on the internet or even live-stream the slaughter, and you will get Life in prison. But if you are suspected of waving a cell phone at the police then they execute you on the street without charges files, without lawyer, without a trial, no judge, no jury, nothing. Shot dead in the street on suspicion. But if you live-stream yourself killing your family then they give you Life in prison. This makes no fucking sense at all but it's a tangent to my topic today that has me fucking slapping my jowls in frustration.
Headline: Hippie arrives in town, bomb threat follows, hippie leaves town.

I'm on the run basically night and day in an attempt to remain legal in the eyes of the Law. Incredible amount of hoop navigation to legitimize myself only confirming that America has become a land of complete generic citizen-hood where pre-paid ethics and auto-flush mentality has deep roots. I'll never survive these encounters with police. Fine, fuck it, I can't win, there is obviously a campaign to cull non-compliant mentally ill citizens or poor or undesirable homeless vagrants. Fucked up, but ignorance and disdain and indifference has generated a culture of pure hate that I see as poised to boil over very soon. Fuck it. You reap what you sew.

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