Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Proclamations

I was going to make New Year's resolutions but then I thought, hey, lets pretend Oggy is King and His Royal Oggy-ness gets to enforce resolutions for everyone. So, these are King Oggy's proclamations for 2015.

I) Rape- The whole "innocent until proven guilty" mandate looks nice on paper and it sounds good when you say it with a smug affectation, but, sorry, it's a fucked up approach to justice. The biggest problem is that it does no more to protect innocents accused of crimes that any approach does. Blind vigilantism in 1670 probably proportionally punished as many innocent people as today's justice system. Why? Because prosecutors, cops, District Attorneys, judges, defense attorneys, and juries are all still fallible assholes. Maybe if James Madison is cloned and everyone in the justice department is exactly like him then it will work. Today, it's a shitty doctrine of idealistic fantabulism and the first place I will require to be changed is concerning the crime of rape. 

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