Thursday, March 21, 2013

Current Living Conditions

I want to set the record straight. I'm not only a hypocrite because I wrote anti-hydrofracturing essays and then worked directly in support of the hydro-fracturing industry, but I also edit a blog that is about a guy who lives in a van. But I currently live in a house.

Now, my most uproarious moments have been in the van. Without question. A quick list of 10 of them...

1) Nazi Germany arrives in Santa Monica...a hopelessly stoned Oggy must navigate the entire Santa Monica police department riot squad by moving not just one but two (2) derelict vans (and a broken moped) from the street that is being reclaimed by the police. At one point Oggy is stalled in the middle of the street facing the curb as the police march through red tear gas smoke whipped by a helicopter.


a picture to help me remember what they are supposed to look like

I wish I could say these were for my new barn find vintage motorcycle but they are for the garage...some kind of Triumph convertible they're working on. The diaphragms were shot and the pistons were stuck. These petty accomplishments are how I spend my days. Stromberg 175 CD-2
old but servicable
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