Monday, April 1, 2013

Transmission C4 Rebuild

The transmission has been progressively failing on the van. I estimate it's been getting worse for one year. I postponed this for as long as I could but I actually do want to learn how to do this and now is the time. I've fixed the Ciao and my old iPod this week so I think I'm ready. No job, no stress. It's my #1 priority.  Also, I was rebuilding the Jawa moped in order to earn the moral credit to use the lift at the shop and I managed to get that running though it had 7 years of dust on it. I'm almost a full time employee there but I didn't want to impose so I spent every day with my fingers in East European moped grease. I didn't 100% finish that moped but I got far enough that when it came time for me to say, "I need a lift, the tranny parts are here." I got a friendly nod and heard, "Anytime you're ready." and he said it as one mechanic to another offering me the use of all the tools and expertise in pursuit of fixed vehicles.

Homeless Gypsies won't have this problem

no more piano for Oggy
I'm typing this with one hand after a slight mishap at the oil refinery

It's highly dangerous and a bit unpredictable. I'm really pondering my decision because messing with mopeds and playing piano for the old folks across the street didn't pay very good but one moment of dreamy illusion I lapsed into and danced an imaginary slow waltz with an Aztec beauty and in that moment I stepped on a grounded strip of metal while holding a live wire...and that dream became a lightning bolt of electricity in my deep fried brain...

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