Sunday, June 2, 2013

Less Me?

Someone's Marketing Degree Tuition Money Was Wasted

I didn't see this slogan before I bought the peanutbutter cheerios. Otherwise I would not have purchased it because I don't like supporting bad marketing. Am I the only one who doesn't buy a product if the word "Just" is used on the packaging? "Just add water!" "Ready in Just 5 minutes"
MOTHERFUCKERS THAT WORD IS NOT THE RIGHT ONE TO USE. Use "Simply" or "Merely" OR LEAVE THAT ADVERB OUT COMPLETELY. Right? "JUST LEAVE THAT ADVERB OUT." Why add JUST? Leave it out. Don't flim flam me with bad English to make me think something is easy. I'D LIKE TO TEAR YOUR HEART OUT! Ad copy like that has me taking shit out of my basket and leaving it on the floor of the store. It really disgusts me. If I get it home by accident I throw the package away. Sometimes I burn it in my van's wood stove. I resent it for weeks.


Looks like a nuclear test over New Mexico

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