Monday, September 19, 2016

Rough Road

This captures how well hidden the drainage trench was. Only a tractor could free me so a Mexican onion farmer helped pull El Conquistador out of the trench in the shadows of a volcano where Hernan Cortez walked.
This still angers and disappoints me that I would be hunting for a nonexistent short cut to the autopista, off road, knowing I had sworn never to do that again, and try to avoid a mud puddle and not walk out the route first and end up in a trench that threatened to derail everything. Really dumb decision like many I have made, and I fear may have cracked the axle weld.
differential buried in the asphalt, axle hanging, muffler mashed, ego tortured

As bad as my day was, it wasn't as bad as this Python's day.
There comes a time when a man is either going to wear snake skin boots or dismiss the idea for eternity. I found a pair that fit Oggy's arthritic toes and were not audacious and had a zipper and were 3/4 height and my day had come to either be the guy in snake skin boots or be the guy who never wore snake skin boots. I wore them out of the store and I gotta say they demand a certain attitude to wear in public.
an example of a toilet with no flush mechanism, and the bucket used to flush it. (I think I left my purple water bottle there in Leon after snapping this photo. We had some good times together and I wish it well.)

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