Saturday, April 13, 2013


1. Start with a worn out leather shoe. 2. Trim to fit knife.
3. Lace with hemp. 4. Stab leg with knife. Repeat.
 What more can I do? The living history folks of San Antonio inspired me to make a sheath for the knife that was collateral for long ago forgotten loan. It's a Chinese Timber Wolf knife, "stainless", so I'm keeping it. Now I can wear it on my hip in my cool shoe sheath because no one in Texas will make fun of that.

Bedtime Reading: Bleacher and Klein and Wagner

I ought to only read technical manuals at night but the duality of my psychotic complexities demands appeasement on all levels.

"For him, behind every feeling and thought was the sense of the open door leading into nothingness. To be sure, he suffered from dread of many things, of madness, the police, insomnia, and also dread of death. But everything he dreaded he likewise desired and longed for at the same time. He was full of burning curiosity about suffering, destruction, persecution, madness, and death." - Klein and Wagner by Hermann Hesse 1920*

Plan Ahead

I'm trying to take care of the one thing that can take me far away from all of this...

1969 FORD E-200 ECONOLINE 5.0L 302cid V8
Ignition : Ignition Coil
STANDARD MOTOR PRODUCTS Part # FD471 {#0297005750, 0297040340, 0854269800, 116426507900, 12131359637, 12309048, 12309050, 12337503, 19106489, 1972277, 2243309F00, 2243311M40, 2243353A10, 22433N8700, 22433N8710, 22433R2400, 22448V5410, 22448W0560, 22448W0570, 2246211M40, 30500SA5900, 3341071C10, 3341082010, 36384113, 383444, 383449, 429888000, 510897, 60744199, 61ASS, 711M12024AB, 71HM12024AA, 7700552370, 7700562370, 7700699324, 8941163310, 8942309951, 8942359970, 8942386040, 9091902071, 96069397, B6A12029B, C3TF12029A, C3TZ12029A, D0PF12029B, D3AF12029A, D4AF12029AA, D4AZ12029A, D5PE12029AA, D5PZ12029A, D5TE12029AB, D8PJ12029AA, DG313, DG313A, DG313ADP, DG32, DG5DP, DGE44, DGE45, DGE45A, DJE44, E5A118100, E8PF12029AA, E8TF12029BA, F500, F500Z, F501, F501Z, F80118100, F80218100, F85018100, FAC12029A, MD013780, T0552370, T0562370, T0569597, T0669324, T1348252, U521} B
$26.79 $26.79
Ignition : Spark Plug
AUTOLITE Part # 124 {#AP124} Resistor
OE Style; Gap .030
+ Sold in packs of 4; Price reflects cost of each individual item, not the pack
$1.07 $8.56
Fuel/Air : Fuel Pump
w/ 5/16" Fuel Inlet
Would you also like to replace your fuel filter?
$15.45 $15.45
Transmission-Automatic : Filter
ATP Part # JX150 Universal
In-Line Filter Kit; Plastic Body with 5/16 inch double barbs; Automatic trans.
$15.06 $15.06
Fuel/Air : Air Cleaner Gasket
FEL-PRO Part # 60032 B
$1.53 $1.53
Engine : Oil Pan Gasket
FEL-PRO Part # OS13260C Set
Multi-piece; Cork
$9.14 $9.14
Drivetrain : Universal Joint
MOOG/PRECISION Part # 369 1.063 Cap Diameter, 3.218 Outside to Outside the Cap. U Joint - Premium
Premium; w/3 Joint Shaft; w/1-1/16" O.D. Bearings; At Transmission
Premium; w/3 Joint Shaft; w/1-1/16" O.D. Bearings; at Center Bearing
Premium; w/2 Joint Shaft; w/1-1/16" O.D. Bearings; at Rear Axle
Premium; w/3 Joint Shaft; w/1-1/16" O.D. Bearings; at Rear Axle
Premium; w/2 Joint Shaft; w/1-1/16" O.D. Bearings; At Transmission
$8.06 $24.18
Ignition : Ignition Breaker Points
$2.11 $2.11
Ignition : Condenser
$1.74 $1.74
Electrical : Voltage Regulator
KEMPARTS Part # KVR202BX [Wholesaler Closeout -- 30 Day Warranty] (Only 19 Remaining)
New Alternator Regulator
$6.05 $6.05
Ignition : Spark Plug Wire
BWD/NIEHOFF Part # CH815 Premium Wire Set - Select [Wholesaler Closeout -- 30 Day Warranty] (Only 17 Remaining)
Tailor Magnetic Core Wires - w/STRAIGHT PLUG BOOT
Do you also need a Spark Plug Boot Pliers?
$7.50 $7.50
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