Saturday, September 14, 2013

Van Damage

Took about 3 years to build this screen and put threaded inserts so I could keep it in place.

New Ignition Coil. Like putting racing stripes on a donkey

High Risk Investment Houses or Brain Eating Amoebas

The difference between Al Jazeera and CNN is like the difference between Debbie Reynolds and Miley Cyrus; one is a thoughtful beauty and the other is a trashy skank, but they both sing and dance.

Al Jazeera has an agenda as was evident when the 9/11 story was "The Other 9/11: Chile's Junta" an article about the continued healing after the Sept 11th 1973 overthrow and killing of Salvador Allende by Pinochet's military which was supported by that beacon of Quaker peace known as Richard Nixon. Thousands were killed, vanished, tortured or exiled to support Nixon's megalomaniac agenda. Nixon makes Assad look like Gandhi. Al Jazeera does make a case for the lasting problems still experienced and the lasting injuries like those suffered by Alejandro Zuleta who was damned by his conscience to be a student and political activist at a time when Emperor Nixon thought he ruled the world:

"Lieutenant Rivera would crush all my fingers, on both hands, with a metal ruler while sitting in his admiral's desk. Because I, the prisoner of his war, did not provide the answers he wanted to hear, or the way he wanted to hear them."

I found that particular torture interesting because the twisted Nixon could play the piano and Zuleta's hands were forever disabled. There would be no piano playing in his future. I don't think people harbor resentments because they want to punish themselves but rather because they want to keep the memory fresh so they can immediately pounce on anything that resembles their bloody experiences.

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