Monday, September 26, 2016

Welcome to the U.S. - Now Put Your Hands Where I Can See Them

Fucking not on U.S. soil for even 24 hours and I already have my face in the fucking mud at a car wash where I went to hose the van down and a Deputy Sheriff rolls up on me like he caught a hundred Nicaraguan refugees smuggling cocaine. And I've got my face in a puddle in the rain trying to explain that I have all the paperwork in the van and if he would remove his knee from my spinal column then I could explain everything. Fucking not even 24 hours and I was already had my colon massaged and my cartilage removed and my ego hijacked. Man, this fucking life in a van is not even remotely possible if I am being molested and arrested every few hours by trigger happy deputy sheriffs trying to make full deputy by executing a hippie. Fuck, this pisses me off to no end and reminds me why I went to Mexico in the first place where I may have been robbed by theiving huecos de mierda Federales, but at least they did not do so with the fuckwad arrogance of the cunt sheriffs who push and push and push and must get on their knees at night praying for a hippie to make a wrong move. I've said it before, that the only reason I don't end up dead on the side of the road is because I defuse the situation with the correct secret password. They want to kill me. They are itching to kill me. The sheriffs and small town cops of America will turn me into a raving homeless lunatic in short order and it is so easy to dismiss a lunatic who is bleeding from 17 bullet holes on his face because he was reaching for a banana peel. The feeling is not hate, it is merely helplessness and powerlessness. The sheriffs simply want to execute me and are looking for an excuse and my job is to defuse the situation to avoid being executed. It sounds insane but that's my conclusion. Not even in the States one fucking day and these bitches with badges have to turn me into a hateful radicalized asshole. I just have no use for arrogant pieces of shit with badges and state owned trucks flexing their muscles with flabby store-bought ethics and I have no use for people who bow to them. America is full of use-car salesmen tipping their hats with false smiles. False, fucked up, poisoned, fake, bullshit. I got no use for it except to exploit it for phony wealth and to get the fuck out. I wonder how anyone could tolerate it but I know it's merely ignorance, sheep munching their cud in green pastures, dismissing the raging inferno that devours their neighbors because it doesn't burn their precious hard drive cache of old Sit com episodes. total bullshit, devoid of life. Drones in a fucking police state bumbling and fumbling their way to a well-deserved grave. I have absolute disdain for all Americans because a police state is only possible with a populace of despicable, auto-pay cunts.

You're Free To Go

I don't know why all my encounters with Homeland Security or the U.S. Police end up with them telling me I'm 'free to go'. Fucking arrogance is suffocating me. I pushed my luck all the way to the brink and exited Mexico within hours of my visa expiring.
It was an uphill climb the entire 2 years

 I didn't ever want to leave Chiapas but they would not let me stay with my van and I also felt I was not being as productive as I would like. This was a frustrating pattern I fell into during my 2 year journey through Latin America north of the Panama Canal; I wasn't as productive or mindful or focused as I wanted.
Outside Monterrey
Some petty distraction was always nagging me, some heartbreak or micro-aggression or punditry or vile bitter regret from Oggy's past pestered. I can't solve all the problems but I can smell a shit storm coming and I guess I want front row seats. Maybe I'll pitch in for the great American recovery or maybe I'll be exploited although I intend to do the exploiting for my own selfish plans. I don't make the big decisions but I'm back in America for now, free to go looking for work. Yipee..

2 hour crossing of El Rio Grande
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