Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ninja Warrior

Who is this masked Ninja Warrior hidden in the bushes? His three-sectioned staff is most intimidating!
Back in the days before I knew I would be a major league baseball player I trained in Ninjitsu, a secret society of warrior assassins who protected the emperor. I still have my collection of Ninja magazines...such as these
...and they taught me the True Ninjitsu way. I also studied many secret powerful hand moves that focused my energy and left my hypnotized enemies helpless. I also have the Ninja uniform and some illegal shirkins and a Samauri sword and Hari Kari blade and grapling hook and these hooks that strap to one's feet and hands and enabled me to climb trees like an ocelot. I have all of those in a wooden chest I made in Junior High School.

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