Monday, August 20, 2012

Heat Index

If you're wondering what people leave behind in storage lockers, take a good look. Fringe Jersey shirt by WINGS of Los Angeles circa 1991. I really thought about selling it on Ebay but delivered it along with the spiders to Goodwill.

How Oggy Survives

A reader asks, "How do you stay clean cut and presentable for your job at the trailer park?"
 This is a good question. Normally, I let nature take its course and pay no attention to facial hair or body odor. Metrosexuality is one thing I am opposed to like Chick Fil A is opposed to gays. God may hate fags but Oggy hates body image manipulation and metrosexuality, or the grooming of oneself to meet standards created by board room crack junkies who suck lipstick manufacturer's cocks and get fucked by shampoo CEOs, is abhorrent.
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