Monday, November 3, 2008

Wheel's on Fire

What better way to capture the black and white difference between economic classes?

Wheels are, or should be, the man in the van's motif. He loves wheels. And he especially loves wheels that have become so worn out as to be sort of useful, only to homeless people. Nothing exemplifies the homeless, beat, down and out life as a tire with no air, or a wheel with no rubber.
And when the wheel is on a baby carriage, and is pushed by a guy with no teeth ragged clothes, staggering, yelling, tripping over shadows, pushing his baby carriage full of junk and half empty boxes of cereal and old books and bike chains and things he believes may bring him a dollar for some wine...then that wheel is golden. That wheel is a holy thing. It carries on despite the problems. It is not only junk, it kind of helps a homeless guy but only a little. Every step is an effort he must overcome the resistance of the plastic on the cement. But he takes his time in the rain. What does he care if the cars stop in the road? He is pushing a baby carriage full of junk that has three wheels.
More holy wheels later!
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