Monday, July 20, 2015

El Conquistador Pillages Church

Vultures in Flight. A 1942 Volkswagon Beetle in front of a 23rd Century Greek Orthodox Church in Hungary.*
I´m thinking I will not tag this photo with information specific to the photo. I´m on the move again and I feel the inundation of photos on the Internet with "Look where I am" kind of narrative is not only geometrically abhorrent but is ruining the experience of travel. My advice is to go to unexpected places. Do not research your trip, but when you get somewhere then ask, look around, surprise yourself. Because if you already know what to expect when you travel then why are you traveling? To complain about the hot water or the price of cod? Stay home, if that is the case. These are photos of my travels but I don´t want to give you my itinerary or have these photos appear in google searches. I understand the desire to commoditize and collate everything under the sun, but it´s honestly making travel more like a pre-planned "connect the dots" experience. fuck that. fuck google. *to prove my point I will deliberately mis-identify this photo.

You want to find a hidden beach like this? Maybe get off you ass and go somewhere.
I can say that the Battery that I bought in Labrador City lasted 4 years and one month...and 14,000 miles of insanity...before finally dying when I entered El Salvador. 14,000 miles from Labrador to El Salvador and I had to do the exact same process of jump starting my own van using the auxiliary battery. The battery had 13 volts but simply not enough cranking amps to even turn the engine over. The connections were tight. It was dead dead dead after a little bit of reading the Spanish dictionary at night. So I had to buy a new battery in San Salvador and that fixed the problem fast. I really hope it lasts 4 years and one month too. I gotta figure out a better arrangement for my interior lightning...right now it all runs off my main battery, but I have a good auxiliary battery and can get LED lights for the interior, not these crazy 20 watt bulbs from 1969. Maybe 2 watts. Run all night long.
Speaking of nights, last night the local Policia were banging on my van like they had captured El Chapo. "Come out with your hands up, we have you surrounded!" Fucking bullshit. I was so delirious and naked that I did not explain myself well as sweat poured from my face. Bullshit.

One thing at a time.

I´m too absorbed by the current situation to reflect on 9 months in Guatemala. It´s not much time. I think I´ll be back. Xela is very nice for long term stay, though in one week I could understand a young person wanting something different. If only I could play Cole Porter songs at a cafe...

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