Thursday, July 12, 2012

By The Way, Asshole

If you don't like Spanish being spoken then don't live in Texas. Move to Vermont. They love Texans there and everyone speaks perfect English and all the signs are in English so you'll feel right at home in Barre or Northfield. And that goes for fuckwads in Arizona, too. If you don't want cultural diversity then move to Provo, Utah because you are an asshole if you think some legislation is going to render your state as culturally homogenous as Disneyland. Sorry, your gates won't work because the only saps who will accept $7 to patrol your community on Segway carts will be Mexicans. Move to Berlin, NH. I was there two years ago and no one spoke Spanish. Don't put a fucking Chinese made "America: Love It Or Leave It" bumper sticker on your Toyota truck and then croak up through your gullet that you are sick of Spanish. If you don't like bilingual Texas or Arizona then get the fuck out. Chinga Puta De Madre.

It's like a tangential but philosophically related topic of my quest for good pizza. I went to a place called B&J pizza here in CC as part of my recovery program from the Gulf Oil Syndrome sickness.
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