Sunday, April 21, 2013

Blue Moon

Something happened this evening that hasn't happened in ages: I stumbled on a blog that is genuinely entertaining.

It all started when I was going to write a request to Ricky Gervais to produce and act in a Benny Hill biopic (an attempt to be lighthearted after too much raw emotion). I loved watching Benny Hill when I was a kid. It was the closest to porn I was allowed to watch until I finally landed a job at Weinberg's print warehouse where all the Hustler returns ended up for shredding. I confess quite a few Hustler and Leg Show mags never got shredded. Benny Hill's show was so twisted that I figure his life was also twisted. Why not celebrate it?

Anyway, aside from both being British Comedians and looking alike and having the same cheeky humor, the two guys have nothing in common.

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