Thursday, September 15, 2016

Viva Mexico!

Puente De Amor

Oggy dressed as Miguel Hidalgo and the museum devoted to Senor Hidalgo

Oggy trying to feed Bukowski's face some Guyaba Pulque

I think I finally got some of the dates straight... The Mexican Revolution started in 1810. Miguel Hidalgo was the leader of the revolution until he was executed. This was one of the few major political changes in Latin America that the United States didn't influence for evil. But it took another 10 years for the war to come to some conclusion. But the start of the revolution is celebrated on 16th of September which is complicating my life for reasons I will go into later, These are small details in the story of traveling with nonexistent plans...when I least expect or want it I will arrive in a town on the day of Independence Day.

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