Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Above The Clouds

So exhausted at this point but self-destructive enough to continue .

My calves are pleading for mercy so I can only say I am not fit enough to hike 12,000 ft mountains.
Oggy, looking for answers

The sludge of Barbacoa tacos and vodka is no fuel for the active and oxygen deprived gypsy. And I must caution anyone driving a 1969 van to Ski Apache...do NOT do it. Sierra Blanca is forbidden anyway.

On the way up...wheezing like an old dog.
Unless you have recently replaced all your brakes and tested them thoroughly and also rebuilt your transmission then you will have some kind of fatal breakdown, maybe mental also, in that trip. Even
on the way down
if you survive then you have to do the whole thing in reverse...after hiking to 12,000 ft. The Mescalero Apache Gods will have their vengeance for your trespass.

The Little Bear fire of 2012 burned many pine stands here

Maybe a Hairy Woodpecker on a burned pine
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