Monday, June 18, 2012

Random Images

 I'm making a belt buckle with only Jarritos bottle caps so I guess you'd call this research or getting material.

Someone crazier than me. Yeah, Texas is gonna make pot illegal and let all their free field workers out? Ha!
Bongo injury
I'm dangerously close to driving to Vera Cruz. I hate cities so much! God how do people live in cities? The mayhem and crime and bicycles trying to fight cars. What gets me is the lack of intention. It's all default living. No one can explain anything except as an economic stimulus. How fucked up are we that stocks are the only driving force to any social event? It's exhausting to live in a city with a place that tries to teach kids about trees. "This is a salamander. it can swim and walk." Really? Are we that out of touch? It's 118 degrees here!

Delayed Motion

I was scanning the classified ads for clues from a mystery admirer who might be leaving me coded messages. Like every other word starts with the letter that creates a larger message directed to me.
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