Monday, June 18, 2012

Delayed Motion

I was scanning the classified ads for clues from a mystery admirer who might be leaving me coded messages. Like every other word starts with the letter that creates a larger message directed to me.
I haven't had much luck yet but I did find the response to someone else that was like, "Hey, in the 3D world we don't offer so little money for laborers."
It was very upsetting because I didn't know who the message was for or from.
So I made this video weeks ago when I was in the middle of a nervous breakdown. I was trying to adjust to my failed religious endeavors, the fact I'm a sinner and unrepentant and tone deaf and was trying to convert to the church of the Bongosero. I'm deeply troubled by the lack of southern gospel music of the depression era so have ordered every gospel songbook in the mail to my general delivery address and have found a way to sneak into old age homes and play their pianos while I lick the meal trays free of peas and spilled milk by aged and wrinkled hands. It's a strained relationship to the say the least.

P.S. This video will be the last for a while since it took an ungodly amount of time to upload it via the wireless connection through the wireless and routed to the local library on the backs of unicorns and fairies. 

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