Thursday, May 5, 2016

Grasshopper Tacos

Because one Phylum per taco is not enough. Grasshoppers on top of a Gringa taco
Cinco De Mayo in Chiapas is just another party. Do they celebrate Cinco De Mayo? Yes. Do they celebrate Dos de Mayo too? Yes. And come the end of the month they will celebrate Veinte-Cinco de Mayo. Because Mexico celebrates every day. You think they need a special day to set off fireworks or eat grasshopper tacos? No. I've heard fireworks and fiesta music every day for a year. The world could end and the biggest party would be in Mexico. Births, deaths, weddings, birthdays, Wars = Party Time. Mexicans have two types of activities: working while partying, and partying while working.

Gringas are pork pastor tacos but distinguished by a flour tortilla and cheese. Flour tortillas might be some kind of reference to pale skin. And the cheese is yellow like a blonde woman's hair, so that might be the reason they are called Gringas. I personally prefer the fresh flour tortillas but Mexican corn tacos are not bad either. Nothing like the Nicaraguan or Guatemalan thick blue corn tortilla that is dry like eating a ten day old corn pancake with no sugar. God, I will never eat one of those again.

Picante garlic and peanuts and some crispy legs too!

I went to a Oaxacan fair in Chiapas and bought some spicy peanuts that also had spicy garlic and spicy grasshoppers in them. The garlic caused my eyelids to roll open when I ate one. The grasshoppers are not bad. They don't have much taste, like a dehydrated sardine.

Not just a dance. If I drink enough Mezcal mixed with pina colada juice I might start to think Tarantino is a good director.

This is how they are served in Oaxaca

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