Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Criminalize Cancer

I received a bulk email from U.S. Senator Kelly Ayotte of New Hampshire and was disturbed that it demonstrates thinking from 1970, when Richard "Nuke Cambodia" Nixon decided the best way to suppress anti-war activists was to heavily criminalize drugs sold at CCR concerts. Smoking pot might ruin your life so we are going to throw you in jail for ten years to guarantee your life is ruined. Ok, that's some real fucking brilliant thinking from a guy who axed a sensible health care plan, buried his own contradictory studies on pot, ended all efforts to alleviate poverty started by L.B.J, hired goons to spy on his Democratic competition, secretly bombed Cambodia and sent thousands of Americans to die in Vietnam without any support system when they returned. A true piece of shit with twisted, sick values cloaked in clever pageantry. Any other culture would've hung or beheaded Nixon but he simply walked away with a pension. Rule of law applies only to poor people; the rich have no consequences to their crimes.

I thought we had dispatched with gross lies and were now electing obvious monstrosities, but it doesn't seem to be true. Ayotte's email is pure Nixon-ite 'wage war on poor people' thinking but it's got a tricky vocabulary that makes one believe she knows what she is talking about. No. Her goal is pure One World Order nonsense, attacking Fentanyl users under the pathetic umbrella of pro-active legislation.


"I wanted to share with you an update on my efforts to combat the heroin and prescription opioid abuse crisis facing New Hampshire and our nation.
This is the most urgent public health and safety challenge our state is facing, and I've been listening to families, treatment providers, first responders, and others in the community as we work to identify effective strategies to combat this epidemic.
As New Hampshire's former Attorney General, I have seen firsthand the negative consequences of illicit drug use and drug-related crimes, and I am working to ensure that law enforcement officials have the necessary tools to do their jobs and respond to this problem."

Drug-related crimes?? Ayotte must be familiar with this evil trope because as Attorney General she was the top thug in the Live Free or Die state's holocaust against pot smokers. She's one of the evil elite who was in a position to do something effective and rational to stop criminalizing drugs but instead she invaded private citizen's lives across the state and destroyed lives on her quest for power, which she achieved thanks to the deluded voters. She simply sacrificed the lives of thousands of drug users for her own selfish gains and did it smiling and waving, manipulating everyone with her narcissistic guile, while her numerous victims rot in jail. Since it was Ayotte who prosecuted these private health care decisions and now she is guaranteeing they continue to be criminalized then shouldn't we call them "Ayotte-related crimes"? I could easily draw a connection between the crimes and the drug related fines that the offender is required to pay. They aren't stealing car stereos to buy drugs, no, they are stealing car stereos to pay the court fines they are required to pay because they got caught with an 1/8th of pot in their pocket. But that kind of reasoning isn't going to help the courts line their pockets so it's dismissed.

What the hell is a drug related crime? Is any crime not related to drugs, or food, or soda, or sex? Ayote's sick propaganda team leans heavily on this disgusting trope that should be retired with micro-beads in soap and asbestos. We are ruled by chemistry and biology. Our bodies produce every drug we need.

The number of 'bills' and 'acts' related to the war on drugs that Ayotte signed is absolutely ridiculous:
Comprehensive Addiction and Recovery Act (S. 524)
Heroin and Prescription Opioid Abuse Prevention, Education, and Enforcement Act (S. 1134)
Protecting Our Infants Act of 2015 (S. 799)
Stop Trafficking in Fentanyl Act (S. 2027)
amendment in the fiscal year (FY) 2015 National Defense Authorization Act (Public Law 113-291) that devotes additional resources to the detection, monitoring, and interdiction of illicit trafficking across our Southern Border.
Second Chance Act Reauthorization Act (S. 1513)
Opioid Overdose Reduction Act of 2015 (S. 707)

These are only the ones she dealt with most recently and I will again reiterate that the topic of drugs is simply a political chew toy. It has absolutely no business in Washington. If a State Senator even mentions drug use they should be immediately denounced and impeached. It's an extreme reaction but all the evidence has shown this topic to be one manipulated by politicians for the benefit of politicians. It has no substance as a debate topic and has no Federal concerns. It's purely a personal health care issue that has been hijacked by meddlesome pundits and career politicians. The fastest way to reveal a crooked politician is to find out their views on private drug use and Ayotte fails on almost every corner as do all the Senators who signed those acts. Their motives are purely about posing as 'active' and 'concerned'. Complete bullshit. Their continued criminalization of drugs, like the Prohibition of booze in 1919, is politically motivated and ignores blatant evidence that their actions only complicate and exacerbate the problem. They know they are doing more harm than good, yet their acts and bills and bullshit genuinely require lots of charades and business lunches and lobbying, and eratic gestures and 'work' to demonstrate that they are 'doing something.' Well, their work is counterproductive, poisonous, disproven by science, contradicted by history and is selfish, hurtful, expensive, useless, wasteful. If Ayotte was an idiot then I could understand, but she's pure Villanova Law School pedigree, which means she's got a diabolical genius that makes Nixon look like the village crack whore. I really fear people like Ayotte more than the many Fentanyl addicts I've met on the street. The crack whores and heroin junkies are nothing compared to a Catholic school lawyer. Were the junkies self-medicating themselves to death? You betcha. Is that anyone's business? No, unless God authorized Ayotte to make it her business. A Fentanyl junkie's only problem is living in a culture where Ayotte uses Fentanyl junkies as political chew toys.

There is no magic piece of legislation that will solve addiction problems that are as old as humanity. But, as I've said before, the CIA and the DEA and now the Senate are equally addicted to drugs. They are addicted in a slightly different way, but I promise you that Ayotte demonstrates identical crazy thinking and self-justifying babbling and manic picking at the social scabs in her own delusional fantasies that I have witnessed on skid-row.  The DEA thug and the skid row junkie both have this babbling rant about their own needs. It's all the same thing, but Ayotte is a junkie with eye-liner that matches her suit pants and a Villanova degree so she lords her wisdom over the Fentanyl junkie masses, and her paycheck is a result of the power she hoards while destroying lives. Such a gross state of affairs. The puppet masters with their clever strings, dangling drool and pompous disdain like she has to wipe my ass for me. So disgusting. How did people elect that filth?

So, I was going to recommend the criminalization of cancer, because that makes as much sense. Make it illegal to contract Leukemia. That will teach those kids a lesson! Breast cancer should come with a 5 year prison sentence. Sure. Why not? The masses of fucked up suburb sheep will surely get behind that bill because it's all trying to end the scourge of drugs. So, I went to find some legislation that criminalized cancer, and in fact, found the exact opposite! In Wisconsin, a state that gleefully criminalizes drugs and would happily imprison a person for smoking pot, is overwhelmingly in favor of making chemotherapy drugs more available to cancer patients! What kind of insane hypocrisy potion are they drinking in Madison? Why are they enabling these sick, deluded individuals with Bile Duct Cancer? How many burglaries are committed by people with anal cancer? Those criminals have to stop taking drugs and go to jail! Right? So, let's make Liver cancer a crime! Because it's associated with drug use. That will, according to the twisted logic of Ayotte, prevent liver cancer! But then I learn Wisconsin is legalizing and enabling drug use to treat cancer, gee, sounds reasonable, but not heroin use. Why? It sounds like cancer is being rewarded! Cancer victims are treated like people. They are not villainized. They are respected. What a good approach. But because heroin users are regarded as marginal scum bags they are instantly locked up. Pot. Acid. Fentayl. PCP. Meth. These are the drugs of lunatics and monsters. But oral chemotherapy, which causes
  • Stomach upset (nausea)
  • Throwing up (vomiting)
  • Loose or watery bowel movements (diarrhea)
  • Hair loss
  • Mouth sores
  • Skin changes
  • Low blood count
 For some reason, this oral radiation therapy is encouraged, but Fentanyl, which makes you feel like you have the spine of a Russian teen gymnast, is discouraged by Ayotte and using it without some official approval is a criminal act. Bullshit!

I don't meddle in politics because I'm radical and a Fentanyl junkie with bad breath and suspicious of the corrupt politicians but I can't ignore it when a Senator sends me a bulk email which clearly demonstrates the evil that has been elected to power. People need to take a deep breath and start making changes because there are some evil snakes calling the shots right now and it's going to lead to major problems down the road. Ayotte is a sick person and she needs to be impeached immediately before she can destroy more lives in her twisted quest for power.
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