Monday, April 8, 2013

High Acid Levels

It took two queens and several mulligans but I beat level 5.

Where Was I?

It looks intimidating because it is like a Mozart Symphony...

I feel like I've neglected my diary but these past two weeks have been non-stop chaos. It didn't help that I lost my internet plan and the library wireless broke so I was forced to go to McDonalds at Walmart and blog in the rain with my computer on a newspaper machine.* This must be how people tolerate the loneliness of filling their hours with tedium and trial, training dogs or kids, flogging their egos, scraping together a filtered self respect...diverting their attention from the approaching maw of dirt and ash. I haven't spent a minute pondering the universe or making imaginary love to my Mexican dream woman...fortunately someone else is picking up the slack.

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