Sunday, April 3, 2011


Ok, so, I experimented today and put a frozen turkey pot pie outside for like 20 minutes. And this is what I get:

The thing is cooked through to the middle. I'm a little scared since I keep reading that the levels of radiation in the sky is very low. Please someone else do this experiment and post their findings. Penguins are falling out of the sky and squirrels can't get no sleep.

Easter Jesus

He Hath Arisen.
Turn volume up to hear the angels!

Cartoon World

I fixed this laptop computer keyboard today and noticed the pre-multiple sclerosis shaking rocking and rolling in my fingers. That's a cruel joke as the dexterity and experience required to fix a lap top computer took 40 years to gain and just as the mountain top is reached the world turns on its axis and a slide toward disparity and decrepitude begins to accelerate. April is Poem month and I want to be a poet and not a pundit so I will be writing more poetry...that might muse of the subject of that bad?

Sunflower seeds have dispelled the goblins of December

Rainbow reflections mark the dawn of a new colorized chimera

with the storm warning alarms in effect over the big box store

stomachs grumble in advance of feeding time a people look for guidance

amid the ruins of our masters

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