Friday, February 10, 2012

Boycott China

Has anyone seen the latest videos of Tibetan nuns and monks burning themselves? Of course not, since you were too busy watching Hog hunters and Murdoch pre-packaged sloppy second circus dogs dancing around a planet some fucking 4th graders found with his sponsored iPhone. But let me recap: The country that manufactures every fucking thing in the world because their people have been sold out by their corrupt government and their land was seized and all resourced depleted and rivers dammed and streams poisoned and they are incapable of living except as the pack mules/conveyor belt to some other country's decadent dildo fantasies and Martha Stewart DOG CLOTHING! That country, China, forcibly invaded Tibet way back before you were born, evicted the Buddhist spiritual leader (as part of some secret Buddhist ritual where you are justified in slaughtering farmers as long as you wear a red star on your cap) and have subsequently held the Tibetans under their thumb using funds from Apple and Nintendo and Martha Stewart to enable soldiers to oppress and silence the peaceful Tibetans while the Dali Lama tours the world with his smile and glasses talking to ignorant Americans about the plight of his people. This would all be solved if we ceased to buy Apple products and gave China the silent treatment...INSTEAD OF NUNS BURNING THEMSELVES. There is no justification for this. These Tibetans are breaking through the wall of silence erected by the Apple Slaves and reaching out to us. Go to junk stores and buy used equipment. Do not buy Chinese gadgets as it enables them to massacre the Tibetans. Every time you turn your iPhone on you burn a nun in Tibet. It's ironic that this video was probably taken with and viewed on Chinese slave products but that doesn't change the evidence. I'm opening an American slave factory to assemble iPods and sew dog clothing. Who wants to apply for a job?

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