Saturday, November 7, 2009

Review of "Outliers"by Malcolm Gladwell

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I lost my toothbrush

I carried my toothbrush all around with me when Allen and I were painting the other day. someone pointed it out and I was a bit embarrassed. The toothpaste too. so I put them both somewhere and now I can't find them. it's not a big house. I checked all my pockets. did the dog eat them?
anyway, I figured it was worth trying to type"I lost my toothbrush" into google. see what comes up. it seems 225,000 pages have some variation of a lost toothbrush. one of them could lead me to my brush and paste. so i am going to spend all day reading these posts and I hope i can find it again. my teeth need to be brushed.
the last place I saw it was near the spark plugs in my van. I need to go check my van again.
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