Thursday, January 24, 2013


The North's National Defense Commission said the moves would feed into an "upcoming all-out action" that would target the United States, "the sworn enemy of the Korean people."

You know, war leads to more war. There is no military solution and as the escalation of critical climate related resources being lost continues to obliterate a gluttonous way of life I melt into obilivion. I watched a hedge fund futurist speak with total glee about the future of technology and it was obvious he knew only the technical details about gold mining, tar sands, oil, solar, circuit board assembly. He's scratched the surface of many fields and kept his own reality isolated from the cause and effect of his choices. Some people can allow laborers to do their dirty work but I'm repulsed when those same people pretend the dirty work is clean and the lettuce pickers of America sing work songs in merry solidarity. Their ignorance is the fiber in the pillow they lay their empty heads on at night. Because the disparity of lifestyles now allows this effrontery even Charlie Rose nodded happily. "Yes, tell me more about the future of the world for white imperialist Americans."


1976 Jawa Babetta Moped 207

American Restoration would never hire humbled Oggy
In an effort to barter my services at a garage so I can use their car lift to remove my transmission I have been trying to "restore" this Jawa moped. Maybe restore isn't the right word since that would imply a restoration and I'm not in that league. I'm trying to get this thing to run. I'm trying to fix it. You might say this is crazy but I've seen the restoration folks totally restore a 1964 Worlds Fair tour buggy. Why would they go through that $7000 expense? Or to restore a gas powered washing machine? That makes no sense. This moped will actually be useful.
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