Tuesday, August 7, 2012


These dogs live in the drainage pipe. Luckily it won't rain for another century so they are safe.

Nobody Knows Me

To properly sing this song I have to feel completely beaten down. I'm living in a junk yard. It's 110 degrees outside and the pillows feel like they've been in an oven set at 350 degrees for two hours. My prostate aches. Skin flaps on my hands where the lawnmower has torn it off. I'm using too much gas to get to work and have decided to sleep on the street again where the police will definitely harass me. I don't sound like Otis Redding, who slam dunks this song into my soul, but I'm done playing by the rules. With one week of work I've dug myself out of the hole I was in and am closer to the Mexican border. My mission is becoming more clear and I've decided to find a man of the earth. Maybe a family. Someone who sees the earth as holy and who has either not been poisoned by the billboard media monstrosity we've unleashed or else has purified himself. I want to meet that person and learn from him. Since I was banned from the library I've had to find refuge in McDonalds where I can drink a cup of iced tea for $1. A new development is the televisions that run non stop in McDonalds and Burger King. This is why I always like to get out of my comfort zone because liberals will never know how the other side is winning the war. Fat, Sugar, salt, lies. The channel is permanently fixed to Fox News and over my third cup of iced tea I watched "The O'reilly factor." It was an abomination but it was also the perfect circus-like presentation. It's all Good Cop/Bad Cop. This is bad bad bad...good good good. I laughed out loud because the propaganda was so perfectly obvious. It's right out of 1984 with faces speaking to you as you eat and there's no where to hide. The news was completely inciteful...rape...incest...child pornography....

Odds and Ends

Jarritos Belt Buckle

This belt buckle is finished. It's not perfect but it's done. I also found a Texas belt buckle at the flea market that looks like I won the rodeo. totally awesome
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