Sunday, March 22, 2015

When The Organ Played at Twilight

When The Organ Played at Twilight

Lyrics by:
Raymond Wallace

Music By:
Jimmy Campbell
Reg Connolly

Key: G Major

I was attracted to this piece of sheet music because it would force me to do a little research on Guy Lombardo and his orchestra. But the melody and uniformity of this piece please me. The melody is not only in my G major wheelhouse of destruction but the leaps of an octave are where I can navigate them like a billy goat heading home.

Santa Rosa Rose

Santa Rosa Rose
Words by Jeff Branan
Music Lyons & Yosco
Key: Bb Major

I may or may not simply record all the songs in order. As long as there is a moderate chance of me playing it at a good tempo then It's possible to record the entire dusty music box.

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