Tuesday, May 1, 2012


I've been listening to Etta James to soothe my inflamed prostate lately. It doesn't help but I am impressed with the presence this woman exudes on her recordings. I actually have the sheet music for Saint Louis Blues in a songbook by Bob Wills and I don't think any notation of Db13 or eb7/C can approximate her inflection, timing and dynamics. No, that's called "Soul" and you don't write it down on paper.

Mother's Milk Morphine

"As East Tennessee Children's Hospital continues to treat these defenseless drug-dependent babies and chip away at the underlying causes of drug abuse through education and proper medical care, Buchheit admits that the future for these newborns with NAS is uncertain."

May Day

The Problem with a general worker's strike is the number of scabs has increased to 5 billion. So, organization is the key to shutting down the exploitation of workers. Everyone in the world has to be on board but not even everyone in Lower Manhattan is on board. So it's fucked. But I like the idea and it will go down with the general strikes the food not bombs and IWW folks had in Santa Cruz. You all remember those shutting down international trade right?
But I'm all for not working on Tuesday. Perfect.
Here's a showdown between opposing sides that made me laugh....
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