Monday, April 23, 2012

The Silent Man

I just finished a screenplay about a mysterious man who is found playing guitar on the river boardwalk. HE shreds like angels licking razor blades. So a guy says he wants to manage him and asks what his name is. The guitar player just smiles and plays guitar. HE NEVER SPEAKS. All he does is play guitar. I'm thinking Ryan Gosling is in the lead. I'll take the highest offer from any studio. The above is a scene with his girlfriend in a dry rehearsal in New York City. Please, this is very serious. The screenplay is called "The Silent Man" and it's a dirty investigation of ego in the post modern culture scene of Montreal.

Ecological Thoughts

"One of the penalties of an ecological education is that one lives alone in a world of wounds."
Aldo Leopold
I wish this quote made no sense to me.


Добро пожаловать бывшей красные.
коллективных хозяйств являются моя мечта.
Кроме того, Фокс меха головные уборы.

I'd like to welcome those Russians spambots who find this blog informative/amusing. Here's a haiku but I really am not sure how it translates in your language. If it is offensive then I apologize. Please send me your address so I can crash on your couch when I travel through Europe next year.

Another Reason Oggy Is Bad At Clerical Work

Let's say I count and sort a pile of 25 forms. That's called a "First".  Now, that pile is going to be counted again by someone else. That's called a "Second" It's a redundancy feature to ensure no one says we lost their form. Now, I counted 25 and also counted 5 groups of 5 so I've counted the 25 forms twice to make sure the number is right. Then I pass it on to another person to count again, to double-check my count. OK?

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