Sunday, January 29, 2012

Creepy Optura

A test video for my new camera using found footage on the tape that came with the camera. There was a minor scare with the aftermarket power adapter being 2 amp instead of OEM 1.5 amp* and possibly destroying the motherboard, but it was actually the tape falling apart and not playing because the head was dirty. Note to home techs: Don't use nail polish remover on mini dv camcorders. They require dry cleaning process that basically sands the dirt off the heads.

I really must be losing my mind if this makes me laugh. Speaking of things that make me laugh...Portlandia is a series that fits my quirk factor. Reminds me of Santa Cruz. Also, PBS had a good show about Phil Ochs. Poor man took his musical activism seriously (thought it would make a difference) and watched Nixon take a giant crap on America and then Phil hung himself. Woody Guthrie took himself seriously too but had the mind of a child. Being gravely serious is dangerous. I'm going to film myself editing the wolf video because it'll be a miracle if I finish it.

*Higher amps is fine. Unit will only draw 1.5 amp. The problem is using a .5 amp power supply with OEM 1.5 amp unit. Then the draw is higher than the maximum output...and I could break the internet.
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