Saturday, September 12, 2015

Maintenance and Reflection

It does sort of look like Paradise but the mosquitoes and ants aren't in the picture. Regardless, the instruments have given me signs that they don't belong on the seaside. And the drug abuse and alcoholism is rampant here along with predictable petty theft so it's not my scene.

Really annoying problem that finds gasoline underneath the carburetor, trapped in an area where no gas should be. Baffled by this but the good news is that it doesn't affect performance at all. The gasoline looks like oil but I think it is simply dirty gasoline. It's a puzzle, but the conclusion is that when the carb overflowed three times recently with gas bubbling all over, once when I forgot to clip the float valve retainer wire in place, and twice when the float valve got stuck with crud and bubbled up in the immigration parking lot, the gas flows into the butterfly valve and leaks between the gasket, probably saturating the gasket, and into the reservoir. Simply a bad design to the intake manifold that would give the gas a place to collect, but it can be cleaned in 45 minutes so if the carb overflows then I must remember to clean that reservoir.

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