Sunday, June 13, 2010

Thinking as Clear as the Gulf of Mexico

There must be a disorder to describe how I've been thinking lately.
They asked me if I wanted to work the 8am-5pm shift in July or the 7pm-3am shift. I said,
"I don't think either one of those is going to work for me, Steve."
"Well, Oggy, what do you mean?"
"You see, there's an animal called the Arctic Wolf. And I'm going to find that animal."
"Because what I see in the world is manufactured bullshit. I want to see one thing that is outside the realm of celebrity cellulite stories. I believe the Arctic Wolf is the last thing remaining that fits that description."
"So, I'll be taking my leave of this place soon."
"Made enough money to travel?"
"No, Steve, I didn't save more than what I've got in my pocket, but I can't let that stop me. I'll find a way if I have to walk there."
"I envy you."
"Who wouldn't?"

It's lunacy. But I was treated to twenty minutes of apocalyptic news this morning and if that's what sanity brings then I'll stick with lunacy. At least it is my lunacy.
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