Sunday, May 6, 2012

Race to the Bottom

Capitalism merely forces wage slaves to compete for who can accept the least amount of money for the most work. Basically, who can survive on the least amount of food? That's the natural progression of capitalism and we made it. Congratulations! 6 Billion people underbidding each other for a can of dented Alpo. Awesome! Enjoy your iPod!

The Chinese, as God intended them to be.

Bag Lady Hat

This hat had big dreams at the start like children born of average parents and ended up being reconstructed until I ran out of yarn and feeling resentment at the lack of love and respect.
"Fine. BE defiant. See where that gets you," I lectured.

Then I patched it together with whatever yarn was laying around and added some vintage buttons that I once traded some plaid pants for and some hat bangles from a 1965 pill box hat design.* It's $3 worth of Goodwill baby blanket wool yarn and $6 worth of some kind of acrylic/wool/nylon that I found and thought would look nice but really was hard to work with and when I crocheted it wrong was a nightmare to untangle.
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